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TotalBiscuit's "WTF Is... - The Last Federation ?"

Gives quite good overview of the game. So you should watch it if you're wondering what this game is about.
Yeah, I saw the game on Gog a few days and thought it looked interesting, but I wanted to know more about it. When I saw TB had put out a "WTF Is..." of the game I naturally watched it. I have a great respect for his integrity and I usually feel we have similar likes and views when it comes to strategy games.

I am a long time strategy fan and I like the idea of the game so I bought it earlier this evening and hopefully it's a good game. The combat seems appealing, but what really makes me interested are the devious AND honourable ways you can achieve your goal of creating the Federation. I must say I liked what doctorfrog called it in his review, "A Pretty Good Vorlon Career Simulator", because, as a fan of Babylon 5, I find this to, at least seemingly, be an accurate description of the gameplay.

I don't have time now and I have just played through a bit of tutorial so I don't know, yet, whether I think it's good or not. We'll see...
surely the acronym is not crass but instead

What The Federation?
iwonderdoi: surely the acronym is not crass but instead

What The Federation?
Be gone foul necromancer and put those topics back where they belong! ;-p
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