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I can't see some abilities icons in my game and from what I found out current & official patch that fix that is 3.005 and GOG stopped at 3.004 . Could you update that?

My regards,
Paweł Wielkoliński
I vehemently second this request ^.

GOG's work in part of updating games they sell is getting worse every month.
In order to (hopefully) speed things up I've written a ticket to GOG's support to kindly remind Arcen Games about the update for the GOG version.
Just to keep you in the loop: I got a response from GOG's support to my ticket today. At the very least they are now officially aware.
HeartsAndRainbows: They are now officially aware.
How nice it is to be officially aware that they are officially aware now! Long live GOG, the best online game seller around with the best support ever!
I know, right? Almost as good as them having done it. :|

Last time took quite a while. I'm not expecting a quick resolution from us talking about this in the forums. This is an affair between two companies with the customers trapped in the middle.
3.005 patches for both the game and the dlcs are out!