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Hi all,

While we usually handle all of the bug reporting for a game, we have been asked to let the GOG community know that we should file our bug reports here:

Filing them there will keep everything organized and help the developers get everything fixed faster :)

Thanks and enjoy the game :)
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Hey I need to rteport in a bug I thound in the game some needd to be fixt in the game: the Witcher wild hunt . when I did the quest there you shell thind a monster or what you will called whit the name Johny then when I have done that quest. I go back to talk to the old women at the kids house at here then I notce the house and every thing els in the place was not right
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hi this isnt sort of a bug but when i look at the witcher 3 achievments and its a achievment with a long explanation on how to do it i cant see it because it finishes like this .... and i cant see the rest and i cant click on the achievment to view it?? help?
My video settings are not being saved in The Saboteur. Every time I try to change the resolution it go's back to 800x600.
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Playing Goetia,
I dropped the screwdriver on the floor, and I can´t collect it anymore, cause the cursor is turning into the seal icon:
I´m stuck, please fix the bug!
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on IOS Macnook i cannot see any of my games in the library. please fix this!