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I have recently started playing TIM on Windows 10 and immediately noticed that the MIDI music is severely distorted. Since the music is an integral part of the experience I did some research and found a workaround which involves playing the soundtrack which is provided by

Just follow the steps:
1. Download TIM 3 soundtrack from and extract the files to a subdirectory in your TIM 3 folder (for example Music)
2. Important: Use MP3 tag (or similar software) to remove ID3v2 tags from the files. If you do not remove the ID3v2 tags, the music will not work!
3. Download _inmm.dll and install it
4. Locate the _inmm.dll install folder and drag & drop the TIMWIN.EXE executable onto the _inmmcnf.exe file. It will patch the file directly and create a backup named in the game directory
5. Run "_inmm.dll Setup" from start menu
6. In the "method" tab select DirectShow as the value for "default"
7. In the "_inmm.ini" tab click "Add" and add all the soundtrack files you have downloaded from
8. In the same tab click "Save" and select the root TIM 3 install folder to save the .ini
9. Click OK to exit the program
10. Run the game and enjoy

If you get stuck, please take a look at attached screenshots.
This problem doesn't exist with Windows 8.1 and below. However, clicking the guitar icon (sound test) and either clicking the musical note or the switch fixes the distortion, but it is only temporary. Some sort of weird call is happening upon music change or lost/regained window focus.
That's way too many hurdles to go through, plus I couldn't do it all successfully, because the mp3 files wouldn't import to _inmmcnr.exe even though I already untagged them. I found an audio CD soundtrack patch on PCGamingWiki that's much more simple to set up, but unfortunately there's no sound effects or voice acting. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do as even a google search can't help me at this point!