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I think the devs should work closer together with Sinden. Playing this with a gamepad is a pain. And in two player this is the only option right now.

And while you are at it, add a 4 player mode. I'm serious.

A smoother frame rate would be also nice, but what I miss most is the light gun support for 4 players.

Otherwise I would rate this game 5 stars.
Post edited May 01, 2022 by bluenightlagoon
Yeah, I hate that this only has support for 1 mouse device. Nice to know that gun woks, though. I plan to get an Amtrak gun and see if that works on it, too. I already tried a Wii remote with the DolphinBar mouse mode; it works, but gets to hitting an invisible wall mid-screen if you aren't pointing just right.
I figured it out. You have to hunt down the raw mouse input patch. Then a wii remote works perfect.