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i love this game. so very addicting.....
I only vaguely recall buying it. I might have bought it because the description sounded borderline similar to Majesty. Or maybe that was the Strongholds description, which I also bought, everything is still kind of hazy.
Somebody on a RPG forum said she was playing it (a lot), so I added it to my basket. When a day or so later I went to checkout it even was on sale. Lucky me!
Having fun so far (once I got my cart under "control") but I'm wary of it being a huge time sink :)
I bought the game during a sale, I believe the JoWood sale. I was once a rich motherfucker who spent 50 plus dollars on games I've never heard of because I could. Those days are done, and I am a poor man, but out of all the games in the sale Guild turned out to be great.
Because it was on sale in a bundle and I liked the firt The Guild when I was little.
One day on a gaming forum I saw a thread about a flash game where you can play as a blacksmith. You simply forge weaponary and sell your product to warriors. After enjoying that game for several hours I asked on the same thread about a similar game and someone recommended me Europa 1400. At first I was hesitant to buy and download it because many years ago I tried The Guild 2 and it was buggy as hell. They ensured me that Europa 1400 is a far more enjoyable and stable game. And I bought it. Being a fan of sandbox games I enjoy Europa 1400 ever since. If one of you guys from the dev team of this game is out there, thank you 4HEAD for this awesome game.
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Bought The Guild 2 Pirates at the most recent Nordic Games promotion, mainly because I enjoyed Europa 1400 from having played it on the PC around when it first came out. I had bought Guild 2 for the PC but never really got a chance to dig into it before because I caught the WoW bug for a while and it devoured all of my spare gaming time.

Was delighted to find out that Guild 2 Pirates is playable in Wine on the Mac. (Mostly playable except having problems emulating the middle mouse button on the Magic Mouse.) My only real gripe with it so far is it has occasional hanging issues which have caused me to lose a save game, and a couple of hours playtime into the Campaign.
I browsed GOG and saw this RPG for cheap, it looked amusing. Downloading it now. It looks fun!