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The subject line says it all. Are the versions of the Guild 2 series sold on steam identical to those that were sold on GOG?

Thank you in advance for the feedback.

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I don't have the GOG version, but I think yes. Not sure about bonus content though.
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As for The Guild II - Renaissance, GOG's and Steam's version are exactly the same (4.15). There is also no bonus content except for one wallpaper on GOG. Further, all expansions on GOG are standalone games, like on Steam. If you're asking because the older Guild 2 titles are considered bug-ridden, it's the same with GOG's versions. The best patches are available for Renaissance.
It's still worth playing Europa 1400 (Guild 1), I feel, if you find you REALLY enjoyed Guild 2. It's not as polished but it has a lot of interesting elements and ideas that aren't present in any of the sequels, sadly, even with the patches and mods.