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When I start the game and try creating a new game after picking the area, difficulty and type of game I can't get past the next screen. All that comes up is to put in a First Name and when I do nothing else shows up.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or know what I need to do to fix this?
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
You pressed ENTER after typing your name ?
Yes I've tried every key on the keyboard and it still won't do anything.
Yeah, i did find a couple of old instances of that problem, and [url=]here.

I'm not sure what to suggest. Maybe a remap app to temporarily remap the enter key - not sure if it would do trick though, or maybe plug in a different keyboard, that's probably the easyer way. I also don't know if temporarily changing the regional settings on your keyboard layout could fix that.
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For some reason my game won't register the Enter key unless I hold the Function key and then hit enter. It works now.

Screen is flickering. Anyone know of a fix?

T&L doesn't flicker, but is missing some graphics.