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Instead of adding yet another *20* maps with another "pathfinding" or "unaccessible" bugs to-fix, they should fix the automation. It is getting impossible to grow up and manage all business and additionally sabotage/fight opponents and/or make politics. Why did it work in G1 ? You pay money for a manager to get free time to focus on other things.

For example weaver L3 with 3x horse carts and maximal upgraded sold all cheap intermediate producs, separating 3-4 goods per cart and sending them all over the map. Afterward it stopped buying or producing anything. It does NOTHING. there are tons of materials both in the city where the bussiness ist and outside and range for trade is ALL cities, and still they buy nothing, they produce nothing. Even when I buy materials myself. It places artifacts in shop store, even though 10 m away at marked you get ~150% of the base price untill you disable the usage of the business shop.

The stone mason L3, fully upgraded only sell some cheap intermediate producs and even RAW materials (stone) and produce nothing of value. Keep collecting raw goods and annoying me with "materials depleted and yet still sending all workes to collect.

Similar issues in different variantions apply to other business.

Stop adding maps, start fixing the game and make features actually work...