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(from December 21st 2018 until January 18th 2019)

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Patch EA 0.7.0 was a very big patch and we were really looking forward towards your feedback. We changed a lot in the core of the game and we weren’t 100% sure how you all would like it. We are happy that it seems weren’t utterly wrong with the direction. But see yourselves in our analysis below:

- A big majority seems to be happy about being able to play the full family instead of just the leader. We think it just also feels more intuitive particularly after you marry somebody in the game. A few of you said, that you now need more automation. We were thinking about that and we think we have something for you. Soon to be found in the next patch ;)
- It seems you like producing offspring manually :) It’s the first action that requires two characters to be in the same building. We also changed all the calculations and how inheritance is done.
- We also added birth traits to the game that permanently buff or debuff character stats. This addition was super well received. What are your favourite ones? We had a lot of fun creating those.
- We had to also redo the whole family tree to make it work properly. Around 20% of you said that you are still missing information. What are you guys missing? Please let us know in the comments.
- Internally, we never were really big fans of the gameplay in the early game in which you had to constantly go back and forth between your home and the market. With the EA 0.7.0 version we changed the balancing so you are able to build a business from the start. Additionally we removed production items from the home residence and exchanged it with social items. A very big majority seems to be fine or happy about it. We are too :)
- We also added a bunch of new actions to the game which were well received. We are going to add more actions in the future for sure.

Thank you all for taking the time and helping us making the game better. You are awesome!

As always please let us know in the comments what do you think about our answers? What would you like to add the results?