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The GOG's forum is a bit dead in comparison to the steam ones. Just wanted to share the same enthusiasm that has been shown over there.
These new devs are fixing and improving the game quite a lot, and they are not failing us GOG costumers by making us wait days until we see the released patches as the old devs did.

Keep up the good work guys, I'll be testing EA 0.5.5 today.
Hope you like it :-)

Let us know if you run into any major bugs or have feedback for improvements.
The game is finally getting some The Guild vibes after the January 18 patch!
Keep it that way. There is still a long road ahead but there is already a feeling of intrigue and progress :D

I wanted to comment what I experienced as some kind of bug:

During my last gameplay I mistaked one of my workers with my character and I sent him home to my character's home.
After that I fixed up my mistake and the worker kept working fine at the factory, however my home showed two icons popping out, one of my character and another one of that worker. When I put my mouse on top it juist told me that ''----- is not here right now.'' or something like that.

It seems that me characters home added the worker to the popping out icons after I put him there.
Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry to hear you experienced this issue. The bug should be fixed with the next patch.
0.7.3 is just insane!
I am still testing and trying everything out, really happy to see where this is heading, and I agree with every choice Purple Lamp has made so far when it comes to entire mechanics reworks.
I do not enjoy criticizing other people work, but I feel the PL team has a far more clear notion of what The Guild franchise is in comparison to the old devs and are looking to not only get the game to a TG/TG2 point but pushing it in really interesting directions with this new combat system.

Said so I would like to comment on two bugs I noticed:

1-Disappearing off-hand object (Array/List problem?)

*Bought a firearm, put it on my off-hand
*Bought 2 bracelets (my inventory was filled with a cloth and these 2 bracelets)
*Decided to put one of the bracelets to my character
*The bracelet was put on my characters off-hand, replacing the firearm
*After removing it, the firearm was gone
*I removed the braceles from my inventory, hoping this solve it, but it didn't.

2-Mass death

This one is far more weird to explain... I was shooting to a person in front of a bunch of people, I went to kill him directly but he didn't die as I expected. He stood up and was all happy when, suddenly, about... 10? villagers surrounding him died and dissappeared (being eaten by the ground).
I don't see any logical explanation other than the new combat system getting crazy?
I don't know.


Said so, I would like to give you all a thumbs up and ask you if you are considering a UI overhaul. I know the old devs already did one and you guys have been improving it, but so far I am not really a fan of it, and it seems I am not alone. Also, the 4k support for it is laughable.
It is not as important as fixing more core mechanics, just wondering if you are considering the option.

Have a good week!

Thanks for the feedback!
We'll look into the 2 bugs and try to reproduce it.

If you have savegames where these bugs occur, could you please create a bug ticket and add the savegames as attachments?

link to redmine:

to create a new bug just click on "new issue" on the right hand side.
Savegames need to be added as .ZIP archive. They can be found in "..\GOG Galaxy\Games\The Guild 3\Games"

Thanks again!
Sadly the game crashed into desktop not so long after so I don't, next time.
Today I ran the game after along time and I say the last updates made the game much better.
Started to remind me of the amazing predessoser Guild 2 Renaissance which made to love the Guild.

I like to play Visby map. Noticed that i can't trade with far trade cities, is it just because it is an island or should I buy a ship to go there?.

I really miss the banking bussiness used to play as a banker in Guild 2 why not Guild3?

Can I take my love partner to a bar/tavern like in Guild 2?

Is there possiblity to see inside the buildings with poeple in moving around?

Simply I am trying to say take exactly Guild 2 Renaissance make it better and grand and complete.

I'm actually amazed that this is the first Early Access title I came across where the developer are still active on GOG to get the game out there! The game looks fun for sure. I will pick up the game next year (short on money at this time). Keep up the good work!
Once you unlocked far trade posts, you can trade with them through your local Port building.