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playing on GOG.
Asus Laptop specs:
Asus K53SV - Windowa 8 x64
INtel HD Graphics 3000 (integrateg)
Nvidia GeForce GT 540m
Intel Core i5-2410M - 2.3GHz (4cores)
6,00 GB
After few hours of playing, this is my first short review about the game. I was Playing as a "Farmer" with agricultural set of buildings.
Some kind of tutorial or introduction to the game mechanics would be usefull, especialy for players new to The Guild.
Mechanics of automatic resuply could use some work, my transporters often don't buy needer resources and returns from the Market empty.
Also system responsible for delivering resources from farm to windmill does not work and transporters carry resourcet 4/5 times to the market and not to windmill. And yes, I did change the setting in the building menu.
I also found a funny glitch. My character, when sent to get some water disappear, but the icon indicates, that my character went into the well and is working on producing water. A animation on working well would look nice and give the game more real-life feel. (screenshot included)
I would also recomend a change i "construction system animation". a whole buildin elevating from the ground doesn't looks god. A wood scaffolding covering the whole area where the boulding should be and blocking it from view, ther scaffolding sinking to the ground when construction time is neer its end.
Also aquaring basic resources, like flowers, from serrounding should be made possible to start the game with possibility to ears some money.
And about icons on workers in buildings, those incons jumping up and down are a bit annoying. Maybe Colored for working person, grey working outside of building and black&white for not working?
For now this is all, will be more with time ;)
Keep up the good work
Post edited February 14, 2019 by Devil_Poul