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How are people giving bad reviews on a game that isn't due out for months? Why are reviews even open at this stage?
Haters gonna hate... I am looking to do a mature video review with the actual state of the game.
It's because the developers boasted about the EA being in a playable state which it clearly isn't. Even for an EA release, the current version just runs extremely badly, up to the point that people call it nothing more than a tech demo, and justifiably so.

Also, keep in mind that The Guild 3 has been announced way back in 2014, which means the game has likely been in development for three years now. Their current release date is set to be the second quarter of 2018. As it stands now, it seems we are going to see a badly broken game on full release.
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GolemLabs is aware of all the problems and currently focus on nothing else than bugfixing. They work hard to fix the crashes and other major issues. Give them a bit time please. Early Access / GiD is still ongoing for a while :)
Those are the guys who developed the AI to SuperPower2 (one of my favorites), I will not play alpha/beta though.

If they can get this right, it will be brilliant :)
Because opinions are affected by the history of The Guild games. We all remember how buggy the second game was.
That's actually why I am personally suprised about peoples reaction - if you knew The Guild 2, the current state should exactly hit the expectations of an early access Guild game. More crashes, more UI problems, more unusable game states. My problem was back then - Guild 2 was so great, I kept playing nevertheless and I had a lot of fun, especially in multiplayer with my friends (even with the frequent out of sync issues). I hope the same will hold true for Guild 3 (and I should add that I'm still hoping that this time the final version is less buggy than Guild 2 was).
I just hope they fix that issue where slowing down the game speed slowed down the UI response times. That was really annoying.
I really hope there will a massive update. The menues and buttons in the Guild 2 were 100 times better. Im a bit dissapointed. Still looking forward to play it when its done.
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