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I am new to the game and played around a bit.
After searching for a while on how to find a wife with no success, I adopted a child in the church but cannot make it my heir?

- how to get a wife?
- is it on purpose to not allow adopted children be the heir or does he need to be of certain age (Ingo is 3 now)?
- I figured out how to start a small business outside of town

- what does boasting do? He just stands there and does his thing, but I never get any points.
- it would be great if you could toggle the juggler ability as a profession?
- lose the "Stop clicking me..." comments, it becomes annoying fast
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Nevermind, after a hard learning curve and some help on discord I may have figured it out.
You can not court any woman/man, it has to be from a list of suitable partners from a menu in the social activities action.

You need a robbers camp, where you can assign tasks like perform or rob to your robbers like you do in other craftsmanships.
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