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I didn't find an "official" forum for the game and it's not really a full review, so... here it goes. ;)

I played through the game and really enjoyed it. But there were three things, were some feedback would have made the game much better. Actually, it's actually so easy to implement, that it could be part of a patch. *wink*

Let's call them
1. Where is my dwarf (or: better visibility)
2. What did my dwarf do? (or: falling screams)
3. What happened to my dwarf? (or: credits story)

1. Where is my dwarf (or: better visibility)
Please give the dwarf some highlight or god-shine or something to find them immediately on the battlefield.
Too often I didn't know where my characters were lurking around - which is really bad in a game about controlling multiple characters (that can easily kill each other). Or just if you need to run through a map and realize really late that you forgot some of your short comrades hours ago. Or if you want to block a thin path with the cool physics, but it turns out that one of the "dwarfes" that blocked the path is actually some goblin that lets everything through.
See it like this: They are dwarfes, they are small, please give them some highlight. ;)

2. What did my dwarf do? (or: falling screams)
Please add some goblin screams if you knock someone over the edge.
The fighting is mostly about physics and those are mooostly about throwing things over cliffs (because blocking paths works... meh). But throwing stuff over cliffs is inherently fun itself, so there is no problem. Except: If I don't realize I threw something over the cliff. Some Wilhelm scream would make my day a lot better, after I teached a goblin to fly. (Maybe also some sound effect as he kisses the ground.)

3. What happened to my dwarf? (or: credits story)
Please add story follow-up in the credits (as in Dragon Age: Origins).
There are a lot of non-trivial decisions in the game, but sadly there isn't much talk about them at the end. E.g. what happened to the wounded dwarf? Just adding some text that says how you changed the world and what happened to its characters would have given me a good feeling about my quest.

That's it. Some light, some screams and some text. :)
If somebody actually read this: Thank you! I'd love to hear your opinion on this and if it's useful/possible to implement these features.

Stay short, stay brave,