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I bought this game to play it with a controller but it does not work. It launches and runs fine but does not respond to the controller keys. No problem with keyboard and mouse.

Tested with both DS4 and Dualsense.
Anyone here managed to play it with a controller?

OS: Manjaro Linux
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The Dwarves, works with a controller for me, I played it with a Logitech F310.
And I made a conclusive test with a Logitech F710 (Following this request, to check the compatibility of the game with the Bluetooth.)

But the Linux Kernel has included Bluetooth for many years. Unlike the Windows system.
I guess the DualSense PS5 controller still needs to improve its driver to work properly, on a Linux PC.
I'm confident that this will happen, can be on Git :

This new controller solution with official Linux support is very interesting, keep us informed ;-)
Really, the DualSense battery is not removable ?
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