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So I came across this issue with the dwarf toss skill the ogre has. If it critically fails the game locks up and nothing happens. I waiting for 10 minutes and used the speed up option 5 minutes in before ALT + F4'd out to the desktop. The skill and other jump skills have been working fine to this point. I've even seen the barbarian's leap skill critically fail several times and the game knows how to handle it.

Now when I try to load any saved file, it locks up in the loading screen on 0% for however long I leave it to run. The game is able to start a new game tho. Knowing that this bug may occur again is putting me off wanting to start over.

I'm 18 hours in to this save file and have other wise been enjoying the game very much.

I just wanted to bring this to the attention of the devs (If they read the forums) and other players so they can avoid this issue.

Thanks for you time.

--- EDIT ---

The loading screen bug has been solved and I'm able to continue with my save fail after the recent patch.

I don't know if the 'Dwarf Toss' skill can still cause the game to lock up.
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