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Changelog for Update 1 (added 03 August 2017):

- Resolution override (Black Screen Issue)
- Evidence gremlin bug (Police Farce Case)
- Typos
- UI bug
- Hotspot covered by inventory (Don of the Dead)
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Changelog for Update 2 (added 22 August 2017):

** Linux only **

- Bug fixes which were affecting a few Linux players.
Hi, can anyone help......

How do I get the new case?


Hopefully the new case update will be pushed live soon. Apparently they sent the update to gog before christmas, they said on the facebook page...
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Changelog for Update 3 Hard (added 03 January 2018):

Some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve. What's the worst that could happen? Find out in a brand new case from the Darkside Detective. It's Free, just update your game and play Buy Hard!

There's a lot more of Twin Lakes to explore, people to meet and mysteries to investigate. We wanted to show that off, as well as thank our fans for the support they've given us throughout the year. Merry Christmas, Detectives.
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Changelog for Update 4 Hard (added 27 July 2018):

* Join Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley as they investigate Baits Motel!
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Changelog for Update 5 (added 17 July 2019):

- The update addresses a few bugs and added some new languages (German, Spanish, French and Chinese).
There was another update about a month ago. Any ideas what the difference is?