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Hi GOG, I was wondering if the first screenshot on the store page was included on purpose or by mistake - on this screenshot only, one of the character's is named 'janpawel ii' so basically, John Paul II in Polish.

While this doesn't offend me personally, adding a religious reference seemingly unrelated to the game, seems like a pretty odd and controversial choice, especially given the current state of things around the Catholic church and this particular pope in Poland.

Unless this was actually chosen by the devs, in which case, as long as they are aware - it's their choice, of course.

Anyway, other than that, the game looks interesting :)

Another one is named Eia. Can he be named after Harald Eia, the Norwegian comedian who ridiculed gender studies?
It doesn't offend me personally, but there may be one or two gender scientists who may find this name problematic.
"Nemo" is also WAY TOO close to Baron Helmut Zemo, a known Nazi and prominent proponent of the master race ideology. How dare you!
I DEMAND this +30 year-old game to be modified as such that it is no longer possible to name any character "Nemo". The pain I have to endure by seeing the letters N, E, M and O form the word I can no longer write out in full anymore lest I'm mentally scarred even further is no laughing matter!
MaldororAzrael: on this screenshot only, one of the character's is named 'janpawel ii' so basically, John Paul II in Polish.
The more interesting question is whether this character's class is the priest ;)
You are missing my point here - it's not whether this is offensive or not, I just find it unprofessional - as far as I'm aware, it's GOG's staff who normally make the screen captures to include on the store pages and I think that this time they posted something that was not necessarily meant to be posted. A staff member was probably having a chuckle and accidentaly posted it together with safe screenshots including generic fantasy names. Same thing happened with one of the Realms of Arkania games few years back when the character names on the screenshots were Polish swearwords. I used to name my characters way worse back in the day but would not necessarily use these names when capturing screens to be published on my employer's store.

I know that CDProjekt and GOG are technically separate companies these days, but CDProjekt is known to have fired employees in the past for posting things that progressive folk found offensive. If they aim to be inclusive, fine, entirely up to them, but I don't think they should be going out of their way to take political/religious digs against religion either. And no, I'm not saying that anyone should be fired over a silly screenshot.

@igrok - priest is the obvious choice, but some others, such as barbarian or bard could be entirely more amusingly offensive depending on the choice of weapon or instrument. ;)
You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

The fact that good old K. J. Wojtyła's papal alter ego has been frequently used for store page screenshots in the past - way more times than just in Uukrul's case iirc - and that, until now, nobody has pointed that out as controversial speaks for itself I think.
Quite apparently nobody cares or doesn't view it as problematic because it just isn't?

That it's the priest class that has been named after John Paul II is quite fitting and certainly made me chuckle a bit when I first noticed it. And that's all it made me do, in fact. I didn't ponder and questioned if it's alright to name a character in a videogame after a dead pope, and a polish one on top of that.
Even it were done with malicious intent - which I'm pretty sure it wasn't - I couldn't care less since, unless the staff comes forward and says so (which wouldn't happen anyway) we will never know in any case.
So why waste precious time with a non-troversy such as this when you could spend it on actually playing and enjoying the game with your priest named Jan Paweł II or Benedykt XVI or Franciszek instead.

Take it from a (moderate) catholic who, according to you, should be outraged and positively foaming at the mouth by this alleged blasphemy - it's all good, really.

Or as one Frank Drebin would say:
"Nothing to see here, please disperse."
I never said that all Catholics should be outraged by this. I'm not a Catholic myself but still a Christian, one with pretty thick skin as well and I certainly don't feel offended - like I wrote earlier, my point was only that this seemed unprofessional from GOG, especially in the context of the recent events.

Also, I've never seen this name being used on other screenshots in the past - if, like you said, it has been used many times and this particular instance was just poor timing, then I absolutely agree with you, it's a non issue, I just didn't have enough information to see the full picture.

To conclude, if this is an ongoing joke that I missed, I'm happy to agree that it's all good and I'm off to hang out with my in-game team, priests or otherwise :)