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It's a bit dissapointing. I bought the game with the thought of getting "the game" as it was released by Daedelic. But instead it's English only. No Mac version.

It pains me to see that I not only bought a version of a game that is crippled, but that I have to go to Steam and buy the game AGAIN to get what I actually wanted.

Yes of course I could've checked for German version etc. but tbh. this is a game from a German developer, published by a German publisher. I didn't even think for once they would release an English only version. :(
ZivilSword was pretty much spot on:
Daedalic has the distribution rights for the international version, which is why they can release it on
Deep Silver on the other hand have the sole distribution rights for the German version, and they decided to only release it via Steam.

And since Deep Silver are Gaben's most devoted cocksuckers, that's also unlikely to change soon (read: you won't see a German version of Chains of Satinav or The Whispered World (also Deep Silver) here in the foreseeable future).
Damn, also was surprised to see that there is no german language option. Is the english translation good? Otherwise I have to wait till the German Edition gets cheaper.
Anybody knows if it's possible to replace files with the german retail version to make this version german as well?
I own the first print Retail and that one uses a Nostalgic, yet very annoying physical Copy protection combined with a really harsh digital copy protection ( reducing the physical one to sheer gimmick). So can you Replace files from that version with Gogs Drm free one??
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xPogopuschelx: Damn, also was surprised to see that there is no german language option. Is the english translation good? Otherwise I have to wait till the German Edition gets cheaper.
With Daedalic, the games definitely benefit from playing them in their intended language. The translations are a little cheap sounding.
I also agree that a game should at least offer, besides the English translation, ever the language the game was originally created in (text AND audio) as those are usually the best.
More available languages would be of course a plus but please aim at least for adding the original one ^o^

Thanks GOG.
My bad... I kind of expected this release to be in German, since this is SO much better. Dear - you would do us a great favour trying to negotiate rights for a language pack. I would be willing to pay a little extra for that, even.
Thanks, fellow gog users, for illuminating the background behind why the german version still is unavailable here.
I would definatly love to buy this game if it had the original german language audio. I dont mind playing games that are not localized, but since the original is german and all.. I sure hope to see a solution here in the near future!
Yes there should be a german patch
O shit, what is this? I bought a game made in germany and got only the english version??? I need the german language to understand everything. That's the reason why i payed for it.

really weird buying a game and not being able to play it in original language
I did not really see that German language was not avialable before i bought the game. I usually play games in their original language, English games in English, German games in German, French games in French. I even tried Metro in russian.
Since German is my native language I would really appreciate if the existing language files would be avialable one day, because the German voices are really nice from what I got from Youtube, and the English translation is kinda weird sometimes.
Not everything German translates nicely into English, and the "Das schwarze Auge" slang is especially hard.

Please excuse my bad writing, but I would really appreciate a German language Patch.
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For the very reason Steam offers several languages I am considering buying other Daedalic releases on there instead on here. Too bad for GOG.
wow, the translation/VA is awful. Very disappointing after the great deal for the Deadalic games.

Uninstalled, hidden, back on the steam wishlist.
Really, there should be a German language patch (alongside with Whispered World too).

See also the thread in the official Daedalic forum