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I'm having some issues working out how to layout my map... unlike many city builders this game has a kind of "tower" system to open new areas.. the problem is that once you build a tower you are kind of stuck with it.. as you can only build them on the edge of your area and deleting them will destroy all buildings they are illuminating the land for.

Ontop of that the "Road vs Path" thing is confusing and I'm a little stuck trying to work out a good layout.


This is the Housing Model I am using. The Well can service these houses without using any ROADS. I then have a Road with a Node connecting the the path... this seems to work well, but If I build more than one block I can have food blocks as they all send to the same area.

I dunno.. it just is confusing as to how to set things up... Like if I build a Shaft Mine, I immediately build a large storage there to store just that ore... but I still get tons of blocks and nothing stored. I thought it would store stuff if there was a block.

I'm used to playing Anno.. and in that game there are "layouts" people work out that are efficient.. I am hoping someone might have some ideas on efficient layouts in this game?
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