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I helped Somoa on Fenton Perth ("A Helping Hand" card) and instead 1/4 of "The Good Guy" achievement I have 1/4 of "The Evil One".

The Good Guy:
1) Uploading Oat to the Subspace Network in Soma.
2) Give Kim the fake Artifact on Celic
3) Helping Samoa in Fenton Perth
4) Allowing Corban to know he's being tracked in Lyme
I did all above but in my case 3rd was 2nd (and vice versa). In this way because on Xerum my choice was "Space" and this moved planet near Fenton Perth (it gave me more time savings than "Time"; engine level 1).

I didn't do anything evil before.

The Evil One:
1) Destroying Spacegate
2) Taking the real Artifact/giving it to Kim on Celic
3) Killing Mr. Gondolis for his Device
4) Assassinating Yppenheimer

So far I was at 2nd but Kim got fake artifact. I have proper card for this ("Artifact Safe").

Obviously it's a bug. I hope it will be fixed.

My mistake. "The Evil One" medal is broken (I don't have 1/4). But "The Good Guy" is 3/4 because for some reason it didn't count help for Somoa.
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Ha! Looks like some hints are outdated or wrong. In present version of the game (v1.0.10.1) 4th good deed is for not stealing The Device on Lyme (and that other thing).
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