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Nevermind I got it. If anyone else was stuck here you need to place all the three statuettes, you don't get an open door for evey one.

Kinda spoiler free:
So in chapter one you need to open some doors in the manor. You do this by placing statuettes in the right place.
I've got the first one correct, but I can't make the second one work. I tried every combination (I think), with a single statue or both, always using the ring after every one. What am I doing wrong?
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Au moins en français, dans le manoir il y a un bug qui enlève des textes, surtout sur l'armure, après qu'on ait ouvert la 1ère chambre.
Le bug semble être parti une fois qu'on a quitté le manoir.


Other thing: the game should remember what langage we use.
Ah si, il y a encore des textes blancs.


Too, consumers in bar bus are missing once we get off the office, despite it tells they're still there.


Sad there are still such bugs, as the game is mainly based on ambiance...
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