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Ok, I haven't seen those issues mentioned yet.

Last time I played "Banner Saga", it was a year ago. I saw that it had achievements in Galaxy now, so I fired up the first one again. I encountered several issues, and I don't know if it's only the result of some weird patches or updates that happened since the last time I played, or something else.

A) The achievements seem to trigger (I get the titles written in yellow letters that appear when they are unlocked in game), but Gog Galaxy doesn't register any.

B) Since the yellow text appears in-game, but the achievements don't unlock on Galaxy, is there any place to see the achievements INSIDE the game menu? So far, haven't managed to find it.

C) Since the beginning of the 3rd chapter (I think), from the moment Rook leaves the town where you meet Eikkil, the "rest" feature doesn't heal injured characters. Some of them "died" during combat, I rested several times, but they're sill at minus 3 to their Force stat.

D) Also, when the day "passes", there's the "clicking" sound, but the supplies don't go down (I marched the whole way to Wyrmtoe with the same number of supplies the whole time), and the Morale doesn't change. I suspect issues C) and D) are linked, and something is broken with the way the game recognizes when a new day "has come".

I'm waiting to see if, maybe, the problem only exists in that one chapter and disappears afterwards ...

If anyone has any of those problems, please, share your wisdom and/or tips.

EDIT : sorry, double post, the forum bugged out on me the first time I posted my question, so I thought it didn't work.
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