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I imported my old savegame but looks like it's bugged. I wouldn't have even noticed if the conversation didn't say a character is dead even though I just used him in the last battle. It seems that I have to edit my savegame to fix it. The problem is I don't know how much is wrong. I played BS1 so long ago I just don't remember what happened back then. Is there a way I can look into my old save and determine what has been imported wrong and then correct it ?
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I've been told on Steam Discussions by a moderator that this is a known bug. I also learned that Steam already has a newer build where this is fixed. That build came out a MONTH AGO. Once again we, GOGers, are 2nd class customers.
I'll have to add my voice to the complains about the save transfer issues. Towards the end of the Ormsdalr chapter, I noticed something odd. Yrsa claims she disappeared after the forest fire event in the first game even though she had stayed throughout the first game and I had just used her in the last battle, and also Hakon claims that Ludwin died even though he's alive and well in the game as well.
I also found out that more than half the heroes I'm supposed to have in the chapter after Ormsdalr are missing, even when they are still alive. :/
After enjoying the first game so much this is really disappointing to see.
Same problem here.

All the Varls, except Iver and Hakon, are suddenly gone.


So after reading about this, it seems the only way around this, is to start a new game without using my save, and then manually adjusting/editing my characters/statistics to match my original save.


It's always nice to do the work for the developers!
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Did it get better since?
I'm thinking about buying the game, but don't want the Steam version (DRM, not actually mine), and don't want the GOG one until it's actually working correctly (I don't mind waiting a while, got plenty of games to play in the meantime).
Seems like after about two months, we finally got the patch steam users had to wait a weekend for.
I don't know where the problem is, but someone should check and make sure shit like this doesn't happen again. A game breaking bug was introduced with the previous patch and it took 2 months for a new patch to be available here.
I swear it looks like they just went on vacation.
29th of June - patch lands on Steam
1st of September - patch lands on GOG
2 months of waiting is basically showing GOG customers the middle finger and then throwing us scraps from the table. I've looked into it and there was NO LEGITIMATE REASON for this to occur. Only explanation is laziness or oversight on the developers part. Don't know which is worse but both show complete disregard for GOG customers. The patch was ready and posting it on GOG shouldn't take more than a couple of business days.
I thought I'll be happy I can finally play the game when the patch makes it's way onto GOG but now I'm just angry. We didn't even get a 'Sorry for the delay', no matter how meaningless that would be.
Last game I bought from them. I'll just 'borrow' Banner Saga 3 from a 'friend'.
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hmm, so, i finished Banner Saga 1 Yesterday and now i wanted to import my Save file but everytime i try it says that the Imported Save File is not complete.
But it is complete.
One Hero (it was allette in my save file) is dead, got to the last part where she is burned, then the credits show up and i get back to the start screen.

Also, another really weird thing is, that i still can click on "resume" in Banner Saga 1, and when i do i start at the end of banner saga 1 where i talk to eyinvid and then go to Allettes Funeral.

Is there something i can do to fix this?Hope anyone here can help me.
Yes please, GOG. I'm using the latest versions offered here and cannot import my save from BS1 to BS2. With the BS3 kickstarter going on right now, this would be a good time to give us the latest version that actually works!