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"Save File is from an incomplete game.

Please load a save file from a completed game."

I've taken a look at, and followed a few instructions on the net as to what to look for, but so far, nothing seems to match my issue.

In another "Solved" thread, someone just mentioned having the same problem.

Also note, Galaxy reports The Banner Saga as "Installation Broken", even though it works.
I think this might be a saga1/saga2 gog compatibility issue.

Reports are that Saga2 v2.35.05 work, but gog only has Saga2 v2.32.59.

Any chance of getting an updated build soon?
I just encountered this same issue. Please fix ASAP GOG
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I was having the same issue. After a lot of fiddling about I managed to get mine to work. Starting from the beginning (for anyone stumbling across this), you can find your profile saves in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\TheBannerSaga\Local Store\save\saga1

From there, you just navigate to the profile that you want to import. The file you're after will be I took a copy to my desktop since I have the original on Steam and didn't want Steam Cloud to overwrite any changes. Also helps to ensure the original save is left alone.

Basically I just compared my file to a file downloaded from a Steam forum post. Apparently I can't post links, but the comparison is in the first attached image. My original save is on the left, the comparison on the right. All I ended up doing was taking out all the underscores from each line until "7_stravhstone": "1", with the exception of "5_chapter_saved": "1", (see other image).

Not sure why that was the only line to contain an underscore in this section, but oh well. Once that's all done, try importing it in the new game screen after clicking the load file button.

Regardless, my heroes and items carried over. As far as I can tell, there's no issues.

I hope this helps. Any clarification issues, let me know. Good luck :)
Thank you very much kurt2492

It's work perfect <3
Thanks for sharing this workaround, Kurt! :)