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chen182: Going by those videos it really is inexcusable any game made within the last 4 - 5 years didn't have enough foresight to make sure their text scaled up for highDPI / 4k screens (and its just good design period)

I do own the first game and played it for a little bit with the intention of coming back eventually, and was considering picking up the sequels since they were on sale but this is gonna be a hard pass for now.

So when you guys say the previous user seems to be the only one "experiencing these issues" are you saying your text is supposed to scale properly, or were you referring to something else?
I was referring to the fact we have one single report of this issue causing concern for a player.

As the current build is stable, it's not likely we'll present a new build with a fix soon but that is not to say we have ruled it out.