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I remember a while back that there was special "Portal" content that was created for The Ball by the devs as a ARG promotion. I haven't played that game in forever, but I was wanting to know if it was still in the Steam version and if that content was ported over to the GoG version as well.
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For the record, no, it doesn't seem to be there. It's probably Steam-exclusive.
Is the new campaign Steam-exclusive?
Yes, please. How to start the new campaign, if it's there? Seems not...
Prefacing this by stating that as of my writing this I do not have the GOG version of The Ball installed, so I'm relying on those that do to confirm or deny anything regarding it.

That said:

- The last Steam version of The Ball is version 1.2
- The Portal themed content (simply titled Portal) and the update referenced here, which is a level called Quizaz, are both found under the Survival section of the game's main menu
portal.jpg (208 Kb)
quizaz.jpg (225 Kb)
Splashscreen says v1.0, no Quizaz in Survival section.
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That is unfortunate.

Tripwire Interactive's forum for The Ball isn't exactly brimming with activity so I doubt raising the issue there is going to get them to send GOG the last build of the game.

Teotl has a contact email on their site - - and has links to the dev team's Twitter accounts but going those routes could yield nothing as well.

Thanks for checking the info though, Guter.
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Thanks for your suggestions!