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Hello everyone,

This channel is a report of our upcoming Changes-logs / Hotfixes. It'll be updated everytime we add one.

We want to thank every player who gives us feedback helping us fixing our game.

Thank you for everything! ♥

07/02 UPDATE PATCH NOTE - Version 0.7.10
Patch of June!

------------------------------------------------------------ NEW FEATURES ------------------------------------------------------------
- Career Mode: Teaser Projects
- Urban Planner
- Socio-Economic Fabric System
- Workshop Mods - Upvote System[/list]

------------------------------------------------------------ NEW CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------
New Districts: D18 | D19 | D22 | D23
Content tiers
- New Rock assets
- Added Double Streetlights model
- Added the "Summer Rain" Time Of Day

- Futuristic Style & his variations
- Church
- Post-Haussmann
- Brutal
- Wave

- Grand Mosque of Paris
- Parish Saint-Médard
- Garden of the Plants
- Notre-Dame-du-Val-De-Grâce Church
- Armed Forces Health Service Museum
- Val-De-Grâce Hospital
- Church of Saint-Suplice
- Luxembourg Palace
- Luxembourg Garden
- Odéon-Europe Theatre
- Notre-Dame-des-Champs Church

Main Projects
- Steam-Powered Dystopia
- Crystal Garden
- Celestial Platforms
- Colored Stacking
- Eco-Central N°9
- Spinner Tower

------------------------------------------------------------ IMPROVEMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------
- Multiple UI tweaks
- Loading time optimization
- Extended River sound to canals and rework on Fireworks sounds
- Updated Translations

Block Sharing
- Added new Filters to the City View Block Import Panel
- Added new Filters to the Mods Panel

Drawing Board
- Added block number in the Drawing Board Builder
- Removed the possibility of flat Roofs on Designs having dormer windows

Plot Editor
- Plot Editor's Merge feature now creates a type of Plot based on the selection (not always a Vacant Land)
- Plot Editor's Cut feature now creates Plots type based on the cut Plot (not always a Vacant Land)
- All Plot Editor helps are active when entering DB
- Disable Plot Editor helps when pressing Shift (free hand drawing mode)

City View
- Harmonization of White Model materials
- Fix sun position to reflect geographic reality
- Update of the hierarchy of Time Of Days and Weathers in City View

----------------------------------------------------------------- FIXES -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Fix allowing to close all Districts
- Fix demolition sounds
- Fix reset button being available in Drawing Board in cases it shouldn't
- Fix Helpers behaviour in Plot Editor when the Pause menu is activated
- Fix Feedback panel button sizes behaviour
- Fix button hovering in Save panel and Quit confirmation message
- Fix Plot Editor Helps line not following the animation
- Fix cases where Drawing Board Builder panel shows an empty space
- Fix UI problems on the Settings panels
- Fix Terrains not showing in Recent category
- Fix D.16 opening shot where the camera was going inside the Notre-Dame Main Project
- Fix loading Save containing an empty block (leading to a crash/infinite loading)
- Fix several UI problems on Strategic Map and City View
- Fix District panels with no Main Projects
- Fix crash when reseting a Plot just after using Plot Editor
- Fix crash when maintaining Shift+Click in Merge mode in Plot Editor
- Many 3D and Art fixes
- Fix Props LOD groups
- Fix Camera movement enabled in Strategic Map or Design Library
- Fix Main Project and Landmark panels interaction
- Fix errors when importing a Block while not having its Designs dependencies installed
- Fix wrong "Sunrise Winter" Time Of Day in Photo Mode
- Fix broken Photo Mode Time Of Day when changing season
- Fix Feedback panel buttons texts
- Fix Special Effects still visible after hiding a District
- Fix broken Rooftops when using Merge and Cut in Plot Editor
- Fix broken selection when maintaining Shift+TAB in Plot Editor
- Fix some Helpers positions
- Fix Block Export not taking in account Parks/Plazas and Parkings for its Index tag
- Fix Block Import panel not showing a left arrow when displaying more than one page of Blocks
- Fix sounds on Plot demolition
- Fix broken display of deleted Design Mod
- Fix Vehicles still displayed when hinding a District
- Fix Key rebinding not working on some special cases
- Fix possibility to enter Drawing Board on a constructed Main Project
- Fix Block Export panel index not centered
- Fix blinking scroll bar in Settings
- Fix Enter key repeating last action
- Fix Photo Mode disabling Depth Of Field when going back to City View
- Fix Japanese Kiosk name doublon (now Open Gazebo)
- Reduced lag when manipulating storeys of a building next to a very large one
- Fix trees LOD groups distances[/list]

------------------------------------------------------------ KNOWN ISSUES ------------------------------------------------------------
- Reopening a block after completed all the Mission's objectives might lead to a crash or an unexpected behaviour

============================================== END ===============================================
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