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So, playing The Alliance Alive, I just visited the Level 4 Water Devil Den in the Burning Realm, and decided I wanted to go to the Hermit's Cave in the Rain Realm. So, I got in the Ark, warped to the Caged Realm (which actually puts me in the Rain Realm in a spot that happens to be convenient for my purposes), and sailed a bit, looking for my destination.

A bit later, while sailing in the middle of the ocean, suddenly Vivian said something, then there was something about being pulled in. Just after that, I was in a lava-filled cave like the one from the Burning Realm. It seems that the game somehow glitched and wrong warped me into a place quite far from where I was.

Has this happened to anyone else?

(Also, is there anyone else monitoring the board and interested in some gameplay discussion? I could mention how I have found an RNG-free Final Strike-free method of doing over 2,000 damage before the events in the Snow Realm.)