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Does anyone if you can play 11th Hour windowed?

The GOG version goes straight into fullscreen, and alt+enter doesn't work... plus, as there's no DOS executable, I can't run it in DOSBox either.

Can anyone help?
This question / problem has been solved by apdastousimage
Go to your 11th Hour installation folder. Edit the file ddraw.ini in notepad. Change the "windowed" setting to true. Save the file and start the game as you normally would.

The game seems to have major problems during cutscenes when losing focus, just like when alt-tabbing out of the game when it's full screen. I've tried messing with a lot of other options, like using the opengl renderer, but nothing seems to fix it.

edit: Aha, found the answer to that in another post. Use Windows XP (SP3) compatability mode and run the game as admin to fix all the cutscene weirdness.
Post edited August 25, 2012 by apdastous