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I have not realized that the game requirements state Win7 as minimum. My computer still is running on Vista. If anyone has a trick, patch, or whatever to get the game run with Vista, I would be happy to hear it :-) Otherwise I will have to let the game wait until I have to by a new computer one day...
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Does it actively prevent you from running the game on Vista? \:|
Domochevsky: Does it actively prevent you from running the game on Vista? \:|
Yeah, unfortunately. After launching, the follwing error message occurs (see attached screenshot). Windows version is not compatible :-(
The thing is, the game requires ONLY win7 and ONLY 64bit. I have win7 32bit and I simply cannot play it. Laughable, I hope there is a fix somewhen on the future.

I plan to build a new PC sooner or later probably with win10 or maybe win8.1 but as far as I am concerned I won't be able to play the game. At least I bought it from humble bundle and it didn't cost me but I really wanted to play it.
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Fully acknowledging how old this thread is, I played this over the weekend and it ran without issue on Vista. I expected it to crash at least once but was really surprised to find that it never did.