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just head problems with starting Tex Murphy 3 - Under a killing Moon.
Changed the called Executable from TEX197.EXE to TEX3.EXE in the
dosboxTex3_single.conf, and got shown the introvideo, before the game.
Next time i started it, it would not show, not even, when i deleted all players, etc.

You can watch the intro, when clicking on intro in the panel in the game,
but when is it shown when you start the game?

Edit: Haven't played the game yet, just the bureau scene, so I don't know, how it affects the game.
But it is really dark.
Attached some screenshots.
Post edited June 23, 2017 by Tread76
Wasn't too hard, just found out,
the intro video is shown, every time you start a new game, with a new player,
so the already existing player EASY doesn't get an intro.

TEX3.EXE, and TEX197.EXE have nothing to do with the intro video.

Edit: might be pathetic, but correction, the Intro Video is shown with the Intro, that is always
shown, before the Intro, that is always shown, before the adventure.
But, even for the existing player, you can watch the introvideo, by clicking ``Intro Video'', in the
control panel.
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