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found a way to play Tex Murphy 3 - Under a killing Moon with the svga_et4000,
the Tseng 4000, THE Dos Gamers Choise for graphic display.

Someone on said it wasn't possible.

Go to
It's not possible to go to the http page, and the https page throws an exeption,
problably problems with their certificate.
In fiefox you have to add an exception, make sure, you choose the ``just once'' option at the bottom.
It is not a problem, but after all, your choice.

In the Graphics section, you find ``Collection of VESA-Drivers'',
download the whole file, and copy the from the tseng directory
to the directory of your tex197.exe file.
Then edit the ``dosboxTex3_single.conf'', and add TLIVESA.COM to the [autoexec] section.
Just make sure, it is before the tex197.exe call.
Edit the ``dosboxTex3.conf'' and change, in the [dosbox] section machine from svga_s3 to
the ultimate svga_et4000.
You find the .conf files in the same directory as the tex197.exe folder, too. The installtion folder.

I haven't played the whole game yet, but it works, and there still is the

Edit: corrected two typos. 2017.06.24 13:49h CET
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Just out of interest what’s the advantage to this? I followed your guide and really couldn't see a defence when compared to stock gog.
If you're content with the gameplay and grafics, this wouldn't bother you.
If you had DOSBox installed, and fiddled around a bit,
you know, the et4000 is the most powerfull, and preferred, of the offered optoins of grafic machines.
It's not about frames, and maybe only a bit about nostalgic.
I myself never owned a Tseng Labs grafics card.
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The DOSBox website advises the s3 as the most compatible.
vesa_nolfb (no line Frame buffer), they say is even more compatible,
with the same performance.
With the above drivers, the et4000 should be able to work for every game.
Those are original DOS drivers.
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