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By the end of Dreamlands III I'd maxed out all of the upgrades (save for one Perk which is still hiding), but sure enough -- now I'm in Dreamlands IV, and there's simply no indication of any end to it.

Does the cycle just go on forever? It feels like I'm in an endless series of programmed difficulty increases.

If there's a fixed end to it all then I might play for it, otherwise I kinda want to uninstall the game and be done.
Ah, I should have re-read the description for the expansion:

"The Dreamlands: Enjoy the infinite planes of the Dreamlands, ever increasing in difficulty and rewards."


So yeah... with all the Eldritch Signs for Dreamlands 1-4 under my belt, I think I'm done here.

It was fun way to bow out, though -- that final level on Dreamlands IV was kinda hilarious. I needed to dodge around for a while, but I picked up an Epic Tommy Gun relatively early, was able to grab a bunch of good weapon perks to go with it, along with a thunder storm, and in a little while I had become this walking circle of annihilation that nothing ever came close to touching. Everything just exploded within moments of appearing. The fireworks display was glorious.

I reckon that's a good way to end.