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So I've had this game on Steam for some time, but not played it. When I was about to start they unleashed a huge patch adding and changing a bunch of stuff. I always wanted to play the original version, then when I was ready apply that big patch, just as if I had been playing it from the beginning. But as I was not able to do that on Steam, I ended up shelving the game. Then they did another huge patch (or two?) and I just said screw it and have never played it.

So my question is, with this new Galaxy update, are we able to play the original version of Terraria on GOG? and then apply the huge patch/upgrades when we are ready?

(I'm hoping so, but decided to ask before I purchase the game again on GOG.)

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You don't have the option to download earlier versions from your account, but one of the forum "moderators" (JudasIscariot) has said that if you contact Support and ask for the earlier versions, they can work something out to let you have those. (I'd ask before purchasing.) Haven't tried it myself, though. (Also, GOG have only had the game for about a year, so v1.2.4.1 is the earliest version they'd probably be able to give you, as it's the first one they sold.)

The Galaxy rollback function only works for earlier versions that you, yourself, have already had installed; therefore, it would do you no good in this case.
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Okay, good information, thank you for the heads up.