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Single player is easy. Have a seed in hand, click on a mature, blooming plant, and it both harvests the plant and seed, as well as planting a new seedling.

Multiplayer, though, seems to require you to do the more tedious (and, in the case of fireblossom, more dangerous) method you use for pots. Use a pick to harvest what's there, then plant a new seedling. Do I just have to change some setting, or do I just have to suck it up?

On a related note, it seems the lava in multiplayer has to be deeper in order to make fireblossom bloom. Adding a single bucket of lava to a screenful of ash changes mature to blooming. In single player, you can easily see the seedling. In multi, though, only the very tippy-top of the seedling shows, so I end up having to use minimap more to see where needs to be filled in. Again, is this just a setting, or is multi just different that way?
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I can't find an edit button. Weird.

I meant, adding a single bucket to a row that already has a dozen or two. It's already halfway up the plant. Adding the extra bucket MIGHT show up as an extra pixel of depth.