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Last couple of plays (so far, up to but not including Plantera) I've cleared corruption down to 1 or 2% before activating hardmode.

Started a new character a few days back, one who would have a pyramid (turns out not that big of a deal, I guess) and I'm about ready to take on WoF. This time, though, I've only contained the corruption, digging out around it, leaving nothing but ebonstone on the inside surface of the air gap. (There's still lots of contamination between the chasms, but its not close enough to infect anything.)

I'm conflicted. Clearing it all out made it really easy to create minimal biomes for a particular purpose where the corruption yewsta-was. But it does take quite a while, even with the reaver. Is it worth taking the time, or do you find leaving it at containment is good enough? Or don't you go that far, even?

Do you have a favorite way to farm flames? Seems to me there must be a better way than just a couple horizontal surfaces a dozen tiles apart with a row of platforms in between, like I use for vines, but the baffles I have to put in to protect from clinger flames impede me more than they impede the clingers.