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Just finished beating all the modes on the hardest difficulty. Nobody I know plays so I figured people here would at least appreciate that challenge. I still need to replay the red path, expansionist, and science to get them in 64 turns or less... but I'm pretty happy. Expansionist is a bugger. Not sure how I'm going to get that one in 64... a perfect storm of draws I guess.

The other achievement I'm having trouble thinking is possible is the one to get all the people from earth. I don't understand that one... the description says you have to increase your housing every other turn until you have 20 population? I'm not sure I've ever had 20 population... That's 500 - 600 food... I... don't know. It pops up mid game where you'd be lucky to have 8-10 food production. I guess you could trade for food, but you'd have to have a lot of science so your draws would bring you housing every other turn. It seems rough... and you have to have a game where that pops up so it's not like you can just try for that achievement. I'm betting that'll be the one I'll never get lol