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Finally found time to play through the main game and I absolutely love the atmosphere and audio design. That said, there are some bugs that break the immersive experience for me. This is playing with the latest GOG build 1.0.60d.

Resistance Campaign

1.) Chapter 11: Pasadena - The T-47 is easy to lure near a building and then just take it out at the legs. The AI on this behemoth is not very good. At one point it backed up from the building I was in and just stood there and stopped shooting at me. I just took it out standing in the open at that point. Didn't feel very threatening to me. I am playing at normal difficulty. Maybe the T-47 gets better AI with a harder difficulty? I have no idea.

2.) Chapter 14: Downtown - Some terminators move around like they are on ice skates with no leg movement animations. This sliding action happens quite a bit throughout the game, but it's really obvious on this level. Not to mention the sound effects make it sound like a major war is going on, but no atmospheric animations to back it up. When not in battle, just a dead cityscape with a lot of sound effects. Not very convincing.

<SOLVED> 3.) Chapter 16: Warehouse District - On occasion, a spider scout will get stuck underneath the map/floor underneath a group of beds in the large warehouse. The only way you can kill it off is with an explosive device.

Edit: This only happened once. When I went back to load a saved game from the same spot it resolved itself.

4.) Chapter 19: Hollywood Hills - When in the mansion I use the ductwork quite a bit to pick away at the Terminators. They get stupid quick when you go back and forth in the ductwork. I'll take a few shots at one from one duct opening and then go inside and crawl to another opening to flank them. Some of the Terminators will just stand in front of the duct opening I last shot them from staring at the wall and not move until I shoot at them from another angle. They basically just shut down in a way. Doesn't happen all the time, but another example of AI going wrong.

Fun game and even better if the AI and movement of the enemies was polished up a bit more. Just glad this got made. It's the movie I wanted to see, but never got made. This more than makes up for the hot steaming pile of garbage movie that Dark Fate was.
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Annihilation Line DLC

1.) Chapter 5: Bakersfield - I've had smooth framerates and no stuttering throughout the main campaign, but certainly not in the DLC's Chapter 5: Bakersfield level. Lots of stuttering and framerate drops which looks to be due to loading assets/textures? Not sure, but nowhere near as optimized like all levels before it.

2.) Chapter 5: Bakersfield - Disappearing/reappearing enemies in a certain area of Bakersfeild near an overpass.

This chapter has actually given me the most technical difficulty in the entire game so far. Here is a video of the two issues described above and I also have reported it to the dev via their website.

With that said, amazing game and loving the DLC so far.
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Annihilation Line DLC

Chapter 5: Bakersfield - So, just to confirm as I progress through the DLC, Bakersfield has definitely got optimization issues compared to the main campaign of Resistance and the levels surrounding it on the DLC. I am now at the 'Annihilation Line' level and all the stutter and lag is gone like the rest of the game. Bakersfield needs optimization and patching.
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Annihilation Line DLC

Chapter 9: Annihilation Line - New video of more disappearing/reappearing enemies, but this time it's T-47s in the 'Annihilation Line' map and they are acting like I mentioned in my first post in this thread. Not very bright. They come right up to the wall and easy to take out. This time, though, their guns clip through the walls as well.

Annihilation Line DLC

Chapter 10: Skynet Research Facility - If you exit the target view by hitting the Q key while marking targets for Evans there is no way to go back into target mode. To complete that part, you have to reload the level.

Edit: Weird. Reloaded from a save and now the V key gets me back into the target mode. Seems fine now.
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Finally finished the DLC campaign. Fantastic work on the devs part and I hope this bug log I created helps a little. Nothing game breaking by any means. I will confirm that the only map in the entire game that gave me performance issues was Chapter 5: Bakersfield. Have no idea why, but like I said before, there was a lot of framerate stutter and lag at certain points in the Bakersfield map and it was always the same areas. It looked like, to me, loading points. Never happens like that in any other map throughout the game.

Anyway, fantastic ride and some scenes in the game felt like a movie studio backlot. I hope to see this dev produce another Terminator game in the future. Would be an instant buy for me. Cheers!
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