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Just bought the gog version and than saw that only english is available. Still have the DVD version (and CD-Version) for the PC. Is there any way to get the DVD version running under windows 10?
E.g. use the videos from the DVDs and convert them into the webm-videos from the gog version or something like that?

btw, the DVD version uses the old mci interface. Therefore it doesn't work with modern PCs. Only worked back in the days when I had an mpeg2 card in my Pentium 200 … well … a long time ago. An alternative would be having an mpeg2-mci driver installed (but I coulnd't find one that runs with windows 10).
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I've now released a mod that updates all the videos! If you search for steam guide or on YouTube you'll find it (I can't post links yet)
Thank you. Was looking long time for something like this. Tested your mod with STEAM version. The quality of videos is much better now and they are the german translated ones. So far so good. Is there a way to bring the german menus, questions and answers into the game? I think the source for this sequences is the resImage folder.
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