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Just a heads up for anyone having issues: I couldn't get TOEE to run either vanilla GOG version or Co8 NC latest version (8.1.0 as of this posting). No solutions I googled seemed to work. Windows 10 64 bit, 1920x1200 resolution, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1070 with latest drivers.

Anyway, what did work like a charm was DLing Temple+ and installing it right on top of Co8's mod. So anyone having issues with Win10, try Temple+ and hopefully you'll have success.

One word of a heads-up though: the movies take a long time to switch from one scene to the next. You'll think the game has frozen, but it hasn't. Just let it go and it will eventually change to the next scene. I've not found a solution for this yet, but it's no big deal.