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I realize this is a bit out of scope for this thread, but I have a question about the Keep on the Borderlands module for Temple of Elemental Evil: Is that content compatible with Co8 and Temple + and if so, how should it correctly be installed?
I dont really want to install java on my PC. Can I just install TemplePlius over vanilla game? Does it not have the same fixes like Co8 plus bonus content? Becaouse on the mod site it does note say, that you should first install Co8.
T+ does not contain all (or even most) of the Co8 fixes. I recommend installing Co8 as well.
If you hate java you can just unpack the Co8 .tfm files, using any zip util.
Has anyone installed Temple+ under Linux? I used PlayOnLinux to install the GOG game and the CO8 mod successfully, drawing on these instructions. I did not have to install Jave under Wine, instead it used Java under Linux to work it's magic!

I have a basic knowledge of Wine so I can probably hack around to get Temple+ installed, but lack the time at the moment..

EDIT: Does Temple+ require Java to install? If not then I can probably manage from the Wine desktop
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Just a quick question for somebody who knows. After I install and activate the mod can I run game normally through GOG Galaxy? Basically toee.exe. I don't have to run it thorough the TFE-X.exe in order to have the mod working or do I?

As of Temple+ I don't use it since it crashes. I don't know if it's common. Also if I would use it, does the same apply to it? Could I just run the game through toee.exe? And if I would have Temple+ and CoE installed toee.exe, TFE-X.exe or TemplePlus.exe?
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Okay, so here's the thing - I want to leave a PC at the inn, which I understand is possible in Temple+ using a dialogue option with the innkeeper of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet.

I've tried a pre-existing save game, and a brand new game and the dialogue option never seems to appear.

Am I missing something? Do I need to reach a particular point in the game?

Beating my head against the wall with frustration here!
landryan: Try a new save with the latest Temple+ version then report here your results.
Are you using the Co8 mod? It's only enabled when you use that.
Excellent set of instructions from the OP.

I use Linux most of the time, Ubuntu 16.04, but I have Windows 10 on dual boot just for playing games.

I decided to try Playonlinux for the first time and see if I could get this going in Linux. The game threw some errors on install, but the base game got through the opening movie to the intro screen. I couldn't get CO8 to work until I installed a run time version of Java to the file. Then the CO8 front end ran but crashed before completing the install. I have a feeling that this could be made to work if I discarded the playonlinux front end and started from scratch with Wine alone.

Over to Windows 10, the base game installs with no errors. I tried to install CO8 but hit a wall when it comes to Java. Apparently Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and, I think Firefox browsers don't support Java because of security issues. The exe inside the CO8 folder took me to a Java install page, but I couldn't install that on Windows 10 because the install script terminated with errors. Finally I decided to try to find a Windows 10 version of openjdk (Java used on Linux systems), that installed OK. Then it was the usual Windows convolutions to get the desktop runtime version avaialable in the right places(!). Finally I got the front end of CO8 running and the mod installed. The newly patched game loaded up OK but no keyboard and mouse, I had to <ctrl> <alt> <delete> out of that. Temple + installs really quickly on you c drive and puts shortcuts on your start menu to the config file and the game start (which is really nice if c drive doesn't happen to be a small ssd, with most of the data and applications living on d drive <grin>) Anyway, this mod opens the game up really quickly and the keyboard and mouse work too!
Glad you got it going.
For people having trouble with the front end, you can just open the .tfm file and extract it using any ordinary zip program.
The only thing you'll be missing is the dll tweaking facility, but that's mostly redundant if you install Temple+. Well, that and module switching I guess, but if you just want to play the main mod that's not an issue.
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Hi, great guide!

AFAIK the Co8 installation process make some changes to the ToEE installation folders:
- during setup: it deploys 2 module files (.tfm) and 2 patches file (.tfp)
- during module activation: it add/replaces some files in the /data/ and /modules/ folders, extracting them from the .tfm and .tfp files

This does mean that the installation folder size grows to over 4GB
- 1.2gb used by the standard GoG installation
- 1.2gb used by the Co8 .tfm files
- 1.7gb used by the new/updated content extracted to /data/ and /modules/ folders

Is it possible to gain some storage back by deleting unneccessary .tfm and .tfp files?
Assuming I'm not planning on deactivate the Co8 module and I'm always going to play using Temple+
Yes, once extracted they are of no use.
I have tried installing both CO8 and Temple plus together. But I can't get Temple + to show that it is also running CO8 via the green check mark at the top of the configurator and i understand it should say "DLL Patch2 CO8" . But no matter what I try it only says "DLL Patch2 (GOG)".

I am just installing the Standard version of CO8.

I even tried installing to a different drive, renaming folders, etc.

The weird thing is CO8 always says "this folder already exists - are you sure you want to install to this folder?" No matter where i put it.

I'm getting pretty frustrated as it seems they will run independent of each other. Is it possible that CO8 is running but not showing up? Please help!
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