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Greetings all,

My main character which is a Rogue, cannot hit anything!!
I selected 2-weapon fighting and have been doing all the feats that improve longswords which is what I have in each hand.
I have tried switching to sword and shield which I also have skill for.
No Matter What I Do..I hit once out of 50 times!!!

It's totally ridiculas!!
What am I doing wrong?
toee.jpg (126 Kb)
Enable the display of attack rolls so you can see why you don't hit, whether you have just unlucky rolls or there's another reason. With a longsword rolling 19 or 20 should yield automatic hits, so at least 10 percent of your attacks should be successful.

On your screenshot +8 for the primary hand looks too low, you should get +4 from strength and +6 from 9 rogue levels, maybe you have power attack enabled or get penalties from wearing armor/shield beyond your proficiency.
As far as that screenshot goes, right away I see that your primary attack has a penalty of -2 because you're wielding a 2 AC shield, and rogues don't start with the Shield Proficiency feat.

As for the two-weapon fighting, with two longswords equipped, you will suffer a -4 attack penalty for all your attacks; your two main attacks, and your off-hand attack. You can get that down to -2 attack penalty by putting a light weapon in your offhand, (like a shortsword). I'm not sure how Power Attack would work in that case, since the rules say Power Attack can't be used with light weapons.

And, like has been said, power attack can drop your attack bonus. In this case, you could get up to -6 attack penalty. So if that's stacking with your -4 attack penalty to give you -10 to hit... yeah that'll be rough. Take note of what your primary and off-hand attack bonuses are, see if it says +0 bonus.
Those stats and HP look cheated but I guess it's up to you how you want to play.

Usually I pick light weapons that benefit from weapon finesse for a two weapon fighting rogue

also the armor your char is wearing doesn't look like any type of light armor (which is the only type your char is trained in) so you'd get the armorcheck penalty of your armor applied to your attack roll in addition to the armor check penalty of your shield and possibly also a penalty from powerattack.

judging by the gear and feats, it looks like you're trying to play your rogue as a fighter
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