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While playing last night, I noticed my Druid (Human, Druid level 8) had her movement speed at 10 feet. She hadn't wild shaped, so it wasn't the bug reported associated with that. I searched for some time and couldn't find anything mentioned about this other than a possible wild shape bug that affected speed.

Anyway, I removed all of her gear (armor, accessories, weapons, everything). She has no metal armor and never did. Rested, no change. Movement speed still 10 feet. No spells active on her. Nothing odd as far as battle effects on her that I could figure out. Finally had to take her to Jaroo and get him to fix it (killed her and raised her). Now she's fine and back up to normal movement speed.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and what may have caused it?
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Very hard to answer.
It could be the effect of a permanent spell (maybe worsened by some bug).