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I needed room for a new NPC, so naturally I killed one of my current NPCs...better to get the XP than just dismiss him. I ran a couple small in-town quests, went to the Inn & rested for 10 hours until evening, and the minute I went back downstairs to the main floor all hell broke loose.

At first I thought it was just a bar room brawl, so I stayed put & "Readied" my actions to see who my actual enemy was. Elmo & the Innkeeper were among those who attacked me, plus a citizen. A couple of Burne's Badgers were there too but they were fighting the "Big Fighter" and his friend from upstairs. Eventually, I figured out that everyone was simply fighting everyone. We were the last ones standing & have been dubbed "The Butchers of Homlett."

So was all this triggered during the 10 hours I was resting? Am I to assume they found the body of the NPC lying about (there were no witnesses) and figured it was me who did it? Is the AI of this game really that detailed?
Post edited December 23, 2010 by ChaunceyK