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NOte-I am using most recent Co8 so it could be related to that.

I find that sometime after buying bracers of armor (maybe something else triggered it) my dex is getting maxed out at 3 by random items. It seems to be impacting all characters.

Like it will say my dex gloves are reducing ex, or that my ring of protection is. If I take off whatever it says is reducing my armor (when I click on the AC display) then it will just switch teh name of what it says is reducing AC.

In addition sometimes it will say my AC is 1 higher than I would think it should be, when I click on the AC box (this is all in CR sheet/stat page of course) it shows the breakdown and total one less then what I would think it to be....

So something is seriously messed up with the AC calculations. Anyone know of this bug, what causes it and any ways to fix it? Are there certain items I shoudl just avid?