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I have an annoying bug, when I try to use the notepad in the game the text is moved about four rows below where my cursor is. it works when I open the game and then this happens as soon as I switch to another window in the game. I've resorted to using a notepad outside the game. hopefully this get sorted with a quick update.
I have the exact same so you're not alone.

I have also started using a real notepad to keep track of keywords, etc that I want to search for later. In fact there's something kinda fun about having an actual notepad and jotting down notes outside of the game - it makes it feel a bit more connected to the game so I actually don't mind this bug too much :)
Hey !

I too find this bug kinda annoying, since I'm using the notepad a lot on the game.
And for the actual notepad, I'm using it too, to write some ideas while the record is playing, to don't forget it later.

But, for the in-game Notepad, there is a quick thing you can do in game:
The cursor have a problem when you're on the top of the notepad. The problem disappear when you start having enough text to scroll on it.
It's not a real fix, and I hope it will be fixed soon. But if you like using the ingame notepad, the scroll fix can help you :)
Yep, strange bug, but can confirm that the scroll fix helps :)

I just wish you could take notes during the video, i.e. overlay the notepad over the video player, even more because the videos are so much longer than in Her Story.

With how it is implemented right now, I still need to use a real life notepad.

Otherwise, really enjoying the game already.