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hi, i updated the game to the most recent version today, i saw lots of updates in the game in the change logs :D

i finally passed the first part where you have to keep certain player(s) alive , and i went to next 'mission'

problem is : i cant click, because of a resolution problem.

I use a 17inch crt monitor recommended mode 1024x768 @85hz
1280 is possible but at 75 hz and i need the 85 hz

see screenshots

my monitor is correctly aligned, so using the cursors to left right top down wont help me, its a resolution thing inside the game, that will come on older screens : 1024 px

because of this and since there is no option to change resolutions from within the game, i am basically stuck and cant game on.

i hope someone can help me out.

edit: 1280 makes the options visible but:
the refresh is 75hz and the characters are tiny
i also tried the text size at 11 but no help.
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hi, just saw a changelog regarding widescreen, maybe its the thing that will solve my 1024x768 screen problem where some parts fell off screen (mostly to the left of the screen)

fixed a bug where the game would scale inappropriately on monitors without standard widescreen dimensions, leading to important parts of the visual field getting cut off.

its nice to see a dev thats on top of things

just downloaded the installer and i will install it this afternoon and see if this is the fix :D

i'll reply here if it fixed my case.
problem also solved this topic can be closed:


I dont play the game and uninstalled it ( best solution) and hid it on my shelves ) made a note to myself to be very carefull buying games that do not show well or have proper 1024x 768 , 1280x760 support