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Right I haven't played deep into the game yet so I won't write a review, but I'm at the starting level, at Test #2, and I have to say this: it's been so long since I kept chuckling at an adventure game. This game is crazy! I was a bit disappointed to find no English voiceovers, but it doesn't matter now - the setting is so humourous, and can't be taken seriously
Awesome game bros, you have to get this, especially since it's free!
Oh and does anyone know how to load game without having to watch the intro every time I start it up?
Post edited April 01, 2009 by lowyhong
durig the intro beginning when policemans get out of the car you can stop it by pressing escape or enter.
Ah k thanks. It didn't work when I hit ESC once, but it skipped it once I kept tapping ESC
I think one of my favourite parts is when you to search the old man's wardrobe. It's not blatantly humourous but the whole exchange feels surreal, somehow fitting, and incredibly wrong all at the same time.